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Sapphire Dimension, LLC.


Sapphire Dimension is founded by Shellee A. Mitchell. Shellee is a dreamer; a believer of people, she is resilient to question the status quo and make what's not seen - possible, for the better of person and society.  Shellee earned a BA in Communications from Frostburg State University, and her

MA in Organizational Communications from Bowie State University. 

Shellee is also author of realistic fiction novel, Divine Madness, and Consecrated, A Woman's Guide to Virtuous Liberated Love.

Stressed Woman


Sapphire Dimension encompasses various schools of vision where possibility is encouraged. We focus on the development of African American females' professional, educational, and economic development. Sapphire Dimension mentors adolescents, entrepreneurs, and rising intrapreneurs to know and accomplish their full contribution and significance.

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For African American females to live in economic empowerment; the financial abundance of their education and skill; with fulfillment in their personal lives and contribution to humanity.

Climbing Plants
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