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Exclusive Services

Sapphire Dimension, LLC. offers various mentoring services to uplift self-efficacy in adolescent females and significance in mature women. 

Sapphire Dimension, confronts stigmas and insufficiencies to cultivate the phenomenal being, from within, to an outward extraordinaire.


1-to-1Woman Mentoring Program

1-to-1Woman pairs Caucasian executive women to mentor rising African American professional females, while simultaneously addressing race and gender disparities.


Entrepreneur Prayer Meeting

The Entrepreneur Prayer Meeting (EPM or Entreprayneurs) is formed as a collaborative for African American women, to enrich personal and business development, while implementing structures for a future entrepreneurial foundation.


Compass Education Trust

Compass Education Trust seeks to build self-efficacy of adolescent girls who range from 12 - 18 years of age. Through structures of etiquette, cultural exploration, and talent support, CET girls receive holistic experiences that expand their place and view of society.

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