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 Our team works by gathering information from credible sources and personal experiences to pair women from diverse backgrounds and cultures to learn from one another.

Let's Connect!

Our goal is to challenge the status quo of mentors

being more likely to mentor someone

of their own culture.


We seek individuals who not only want to address

the professional ceilings and intersectionality of

women, race, and wages in the workforce

but also aim to identify ways to move

forward and make a positive change

within their industry.

Who are we looking for? 


  • Caucasian female in a C-Suite/executive level position


  • African American young adult female in a junior/mid-management position

I want to thank you both again for putting together such a wonderful and really life changing program. I am forever grateful to have been a part of something so inspiring and connect with so many amazing women. Thank you as well for the incredible gift which I LOVE!

ReAunna Armstrong, Training & Compliance Specialist, Farmers Insurance Group FCU


Supporters of the Vision

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