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For all the situations that seemed to collapse my destination; where I pursued with exuberant cheer, naive to perpetuating circumstances that seemed buried, forgotten. When moving with diligence, on dreams conceived, the almost forgotten, of disdain and undervalued, marked its territory into my true existence.

Pummeled back from the crash into awakening, like pushed out of an overactive slumber. Breathing, examining, footing, stable, my eyes are wide; I am now resilient, tangible to presence, visioned to clear direction.

The dreams revive to assist the construction of belief, when surroundings forge otherwise. A dormant state now takes demand in reality. And the memory of what was - is. 


Possible, is the playground to daring feats that assembles "not" into "how so?" and convenes distant players to rally the outcome. 


To every person for their adversity, and more so the courageous to extend admiration. 

The adverse had me to question, me.

The adverse had me to question, God. 

Adversity is my ally to significance. One sided, and sometimes persistently wrong in its views, adversity trained me to shrink. 

Courageous curiosity engaged the mediocrity and pierced into the soul of my dim eyes, seeing a minor flick.


From conversation to admiration, their breath was like air to my flame. The flick became fire leaving only ash residues of adversity's intent; I burn with vitality to confront, address, and re-establish.


Montana Credit Union Network

Tracie Kenyon, Pres & CEO comes with heart and strategy. She gives with intent to address issues with consideration, compassion and MCUN financial support.

Corporate One Federal Credit Union

Melissa Ashley, Pres & CEO, stepped in and demonstrated sincere allyship. Melissa embraced the concept of 1-to-1Woman, to jointly acknowledge disparity and extending financial sponsorship for continuation.


Merry Pateuk, SVP of Industry Engagement, is a sincere model of advocacy and ally. Merry stands with an intellect on gender and race barriers; combined with her executive skills, she is a contemporary forerunner to today's DEI&B.

African American Credit Union Coalition &

Mitchell Stankovic & Associates

Force of nature, Renee Sattiewhite, Pres & CEO, trusted the 1-to-1Woman idea and piloted the program. Renee gathered CEOs and rising professionals and allowed the program to expand. 

Due to Renee's diligence, Susan Mitchell, Mitchell Stankovic & Assc, were initial sponsors that provided additional resources for success.

League Service Corporation

Pres & COO, Libby Calderone's sponsorship was extended with immediacy. A true companion for change, her leadership represents the efforts necessary to exact change in an otherwise firm system.

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

SchoolsFirst FCU contributes as a sponsor via Pres & CEO, Bill Cheney. SFFCU participates with financial sponsorship and staff development, with mentee's in the 1-to-1Woman program.

I want to thank you both again for putting together such a wonderful and really life changing program. I am forever grateful to have been a part of something so inspiring and connect with so many amazing women. Thank you as well for the incredible gift which I LOVE!

ReAunna Armstrong, Training & Compliance Specialist, Farmers Insurance Group FCU

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